Personnel Energy Protection

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Personnel Energy Protection

An internalised Personnel Energy Protection competence is the basis for mastering stressful situations and pursuing ambitious goals.

One of the many competencies leaders need is the ability to protect important resources. High-performance teams with little or no energy or power do not win races.


Our Personnel Energy Protection program helps you detect signs of stress in your team and enables you to react before they have a destructive impact.


  • What do high-performance employees and teams need to maintain their energy?
  • How can you recognize stress reactions early?
  • How can you support your employees master stressful situations?

Personnel Energy Protection is more than prevention

The Personnel Energy Protection Programme is based on the proven Pasch-Donohoe Personal Energy Protection concept. The aim is to empower employees and companies through the targeted development of recovery skills and stress resilience.

The concept was developed in practice, tested in many years of cooperation with clients and successively optimised and tailored to specific needs. Feedback from our clients underlines the specific effectiveness and, above all, the sustainability of the programme.

Personnel Energy Protection

Health is more than the absence of illness!

Our goal is to support companies in creating a culture that enables people to deal consciously and naturally with their own energy resources. An internalised Personal Energy Protection competence is the basis for mastering stressful situations and pursuing ambitious goals.

100 % Power
Power to win
High performance
Stress resilience
Effectiveness decreases
Error-rate increases
Emotional fog
Loss of Power
Irritated, overreacting
Forgetful, mental block
Overcautious, anxious
Health issues

A growing Personnel Energy Protection competence conserves important resources,

  • builds a stable foundation that enables people to face their challenges with passion,
  • builds a safety net that catches and supports people in stressful situations, and
  • builds a self-sustaining culture that consistently strengthens itself from within.
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